Not Now

Not Now?

If not now, then when? We all arrive on this rock with an expiration date, yet most of us live life as if it will never come to pass. More or less just existing rather than truly living. Knowing what we should do but never doing it. How is that living?

We all know that we should eat better but we never do it. We all know that we should exercise more but we never do it. We all know that we should save our money but we never do it. We should read more, study more, love more and try new things but we never do that.

Yet people come to a tipping point all the time and make the changes and stick with it. However it should not take surviving a heart attack to cause you to wake up and finely take care of your health. An eviction or foreclosure notice to wake you up about taking care of your finances.

I’ve said this before many times, the easy decisions in life more often lead to a hard life, while the hard decisions will lead to an easier one. Yes working out, eating right or watching your money may not be the easiest things to do when all your friends are eating pizza, drinking and spending every penny they make. Yet the hard decisions that you make today will pay dividends in the future.

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to discover new music while I workout, great idea’s from all the books I have been reading and growth from going outside my comfort zone.

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