Numbers Game

Numbers Game

It has been said for as long as anyone worked in sales that it was a numbers game. The more people you talked to the more prospects you had then the more client and more sales. While part of that is true, that if you want to be the top realtor, mortgage broker, life insurance, automotive or insert the sale profession here, then you must have more sales than the person next in line.

However I also believe that it’s about more than that. While yes your numbers are important, they are not the most important aspect of a great sales career. To me the most important aspect is that you must have an overwhelming desire to help people and believe strongly that your product or service can do that.

With this strong “Why” it will be so much easier to persist when you meet defeat or failure as you have a greater purpose. Believe it or not but people generally enjoy buying but detest being sold. Seeing that it is your duty to serve others will take the pressure off trying to make the sale and instead providing the information required so the clients buy as it fits their needs.

Today I am thankful for early morning activity to shake off any lingering anxiety, idea’s that come to me when I am most relaxed and getting referrals and rave reviews from my clients.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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