On Quitting

On Quitting

I have to confess that when thing haven’t gone exactly to plan, I’ve had a tenancy to just pull the plug and quit. However some of my biggest life lessons have come from when I’ve continued down the path and it went horribly wrong. You never learn anything when you have gotten it right the first time around, it was just too easy.

Yes I have regrets but the lessons learned far outweigh the disappointments. I have had business relationships that have not gone according to plan, it may have hurt at the time but I know I have grown and developed as a result of having the relationship. The same also applies to business strategies, personal relationships, fitness routines and general nutrition.

Quitting and failures are a part of life, and people put too much emphasis on those two things and not enough on the lessons learned as a result. It’s your own and others lessons that help us truly move forward and make progress in life. One of the reasons that I enjoy reading biographies so much is to learn from others so those same lessons can then be applied to my life.

Too many people just post about their successes, yet the truly successful have failed more times than they have succeeded. The important point is that they have continued to pick themselves back up when they have fallen or stumbled. To continue moving forward no matter how slowly the progress is the key to success.

You can either look back on life with regret or you can look back and learn. I prefer the latter.

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