Perception vs Reality

Perception vs reality

Johnny & Frankie were invited to Suzie’s birthday party. Johnny was in a bad mood when he got there as his parents made him clean up his room before going to the party. However Frankie was in a good mood as he had already cleaned his room and got to play video games before going to the party. So as a result Frankie had a great time and thought it was a great party while Johnny didn’t talk with anyone and thought it was a stupid party.

Their attitudes skewed their perception of the party. Since Johnny was in a bad mood it was a bad party and Frankie was in a good mood so it was a good party. Their perceptions affected their reality. The same thing applies to many things in life as this shows that we get what we focus on. When we are happy we see everything as contributing to our happiness and the same is also true when we are in a bad mood.

The game of perception vs reality is alive in well in the real estate and mortgage businesses as well. Two different couples viewing the same property could have vastly different experiences. One group sees a dump and is insulted that their realtor showed them the property while the second group sees the stream running though the back of the property, the huge yard and the great potential of the property with a little hard work. Same property two different perceptions.

In regards to the mortgage market, I have access to private funds for people who would not otherwise qualify for traditional financing. Presenting a private option to a high net worth client who has impeccable credit and provable income may come across as insulting to them given the high cost of funds and that they would qualify for a much less expensive option. However a private loan may be a life saver to a couple who have had a few hard nocks and provide them a life line to turn their situation around for the better. Same product two different perceptions.

So how you perceive things may change from day to day and person to person. A speeding ticket may be the wake up call for one person while sending someone else down a spiral thinking that the law enforcement was out to get them. When we change our perception our reality changes.

Today I am thankful for chance to change people’s perceptions on a daily basis, that my daughter called asking for my help at 6:30 am today and knowing that every situation can be viewed either good or bad and the choice is up to us.

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