One of my favourite Ben Franklin quotes is ” by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. The overall theme of life is to prepare for the unknown and the unknowable. This could also be one of the reasons I love crossfit so much as you never know what the “Workout of the Day” was till you showed up for class. So you train for everything from strength, to metabolic conditioning ( cardio for you regular folks) and mobility and everything in-between.

So as you look outside today and see a sunny blue sky and think what a wonderful day, I encourage you to also look ahead and prepare for the upcoming storm for tomorrow and be ready. The same thing applies to life, it could be a wonderful day today but would you be ready if the shit hit the fan tomorrow? How are you planning for the unknown, do you have a supply of food, medicine and cash to keep you over if you lose power for a few days or if an unexpected bill arrives?

In regards to your mortgage, are you just making your minimum prescribed interest & principal payments while on a variable rate? Or are you paying more to prepare yourself as rates rise. Those of us who chose a variable rate were given a generational gift of extremely low rates. However remember that we had to qualify at a much higher rate to get approved. So it’s not too late to contact your lender and increase your payments so you are prepared as rates change over the next few months. Variable rates are still at an advantage over the much higher fixed rates so adjust your payment rather than switching to fixed.

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