Sow and Reep

Sow and Reep

Like there is a harvest in the fields from what you have sown in the spring, you also reep in life for the work that you put in a season ago. I am talking with so many people who are complaining about how slow business is for them, while others are still run off their feet with business.

You can’t expect to get fit and stay fit if you can’t get off the coach, do the workouts and eat right. You can’t be tops in sales if you haven’t made the calls and done the follow up. You can’t get the top marks if you haven’t studied and done all the assignments.

This applies to anything in life worth achieving. You get out of it what you put into it. So if you are not getting the results that you want, then look back at all the work that you are putting into it. Have you put in the work and given it every ounce of effort that you possibly could or are you looking for a short cut and instant gratification. There are no quick fixes, so put in the work and you will get the results.

Today I am thankful for my friend who texted me to get out for a bike ride today, the cool fresh air on the ride this morning was well worth it and for all the calls that I have done is paying off with happy clients.

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