Slow Start

Start Slow

Many of us have dreams of greatness. Achieving more than one could ever thought possible. Yet most of us make zero to no progress toward those goals. We get bogged down by the work, focus or determination it would take to make those dreams a reality so some people don’t even start.

There are some who get going and take massive action yet end up burned out by their perceived lack of progress. We should all be more like the tortoise rather than the hare and start slow and keep plugging away at it until you have achieved what you set out to achieve.

I can remember back not that long ago when I had trouble just running 5K, now I do this regularly and in-fact just finished a half marathon last month. Starting slow a few steps at a time done consistently will help you get to your objective. Take any large goal and break it down into small bite sized pieces and almost anything becomes possible.

The same philosophy can be applied to saving up a down payment for your first home or building a nest egg for retirement. Start small and be relentless about your commitment and you will get there. Saving just $5 a day by making your own coffee instead of buying it at Starbucks will add up to $1,825 over just one year. While this will may not give you much over the 1st year, when you add this up with other savings it will increase exponentially.

Take the first step, save the 1st dollar or do the 1st pushup and miracles will happen when you stay consistent over time and add to what you have already started. It’s not how fast you start but the fact that you constantly take the action and don’t quit.

Today I am thankful for the little actions taken over time that have allowed me to do what I do today, that small movements have never taken that much effort to do and that I was able to read over 30 books last year by only reading for 20 minutes a day.

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