When I chose to write about streaking, I don’t mean running around with your clothes off. What I mean is to consecutively string together some good habits so that you create some momentum. We all know that we could do better in many area’s of our life, the first part of your new streak is to make a decision to do something about it. Eating right, working out or saving money once in a blue moon is meaningless unless you make the commitment to do it over the long term, and that is what streaking is essentially.

Back in late February I had made the decision to run the Bluenose 1/2 marathon. At that point I was running sporadically and was definitely not doing the training required to successfully complete the race distance. However the funny things about making a commitment about a goal is that once you decide to do it then things start appear in your life to help you make it happen.

I had just recently connected with a runner online who invited me to join her April running challenge. She was in the middle of her consecutive streak of daily half marathons and wanted others to join her to run every day in April. This challenge offered me the perfect opportunity to ramp up my training and as a result I accepted her offer and did not miss a day in April while I steadily built up my training. Although I did not run a half every day I still ran and mixed up my distances and routes to help me get though it.

The streak starts with your decision to do it and stick with it. Once you decide then you will be surprised at what comes into your life to help you make that possible. Start your streak towards a better life today.

Today I am thankful for my new friend Helen for inviting me to streak with her and grow in the process, I am thankful for the people who have shown up in my life and have always helped me strive toward my goals and realizing that starting is always the hardest part.

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