Sunday Runday!

Sunday Runday!

For as long as I can remember my Sunday tradition has been to strap on the trainers and go for a nice long run. I know lots of people exercise with the intention of getting into better shape. However for me it has alway been a passion and an outlet to let off my steam and help me forget about what else may be happening in my life. The fitness aspect has just been a great side effect.

What do you do to help you deal the stress in your life? Some great ideas are but not limited to, going for a walk, meditation, weight training, cycling, skiing, reading, cooking or as I have shared, one of my favourites which is running.

We all need an outlet to help us let go whatever may be stressful in our lives. There are tons of bad ones which I won’t list here, try to find one that helps you clear your head and helps you move in a positive direction. If it’s running maybe we may cross paths some day out on a run.

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