With Mother’s day going by recently it had me thinking of my Mom. Even-though she has been gone since Sept 2005, she was a force to be reckoned with and me and my two brothers have lots of fond memories of her. Also since I am a bit of a geek I am going to call some of her strengths superpowers.

Of all the potential superpowers to have she had the best ones in that she had unconditional love and unwavering forgiveness for her boys. While we were not perfect she made us feel better and helped make us better people. I miss being able to call he and tell her what was on my mind without being judged and just listen. Mom’s are great like that.

Who do you love unconditionally, and if you don’t have someone then you must start with yourself. Once you are able to do that everything changes, you no longer function for praise or the opinions of others.

Now as for forgiveness the opposite is easy to recognize as it is holding grudges. Because we are human and nobody is perfect we will make mistakes from time to time. Those who have done us wrong whether intentional or not will not pay it any heed after the event has passed. It honestly serves us no purpose to keep rehashing it and carrying the burden for an untold period of time. It is much more freeing to practice forgiveness and just let it go.

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” –Bryant H. McGill

Today I am thankful for my daughter’s homemade cookies, a long run in the sunshine this morning and wonderful conversations because curiosity and friendly people allowed me to ask a new question.

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