The Long Game

The Long Game

In today’s hedonistic society, we want the solutions to all our problems now. We want the nip or tuck to make us appear skinny. The magic pill to make us smarter or the lottery win to make us rich.

However these are seldom if any the real solutions to these problems. The quick fix rarely fixes the problem over the long term. It’s just a tease for those unwilling to put in the work to achieve the results that they are looking for in the first place.

Look at some of the top names in Sports, Tiger Woods, Lebron James or our own Sidney Crosby. They all have tremendous work ethic. They play the long game to achieve their objectives. The quick fix is a scam to con you out of your money. Put in the time, do the reps and read the books and you will get there. Probably not overnight but by putting in the work you will continually make progress towards your goals.

See clearly where you want to go and plan your steps accordingly. Nothing worth achieving comes easy, it requires blood, sweat, tears and work on our parts to make it happen. Stop looking for that fast pass to the front of the line, it’s what you learn along the way that will insure your transformation sticks.

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