To The Limit

To the limit

No this is not a reference to the Eagles song, but rather about pushing yourself to new area’s of growth. If you are always living in your comfort zone and doing things well within your limits then you are merely surviving but not actually truly living to your fullest potential.

I bring this up as I have been running for years and was normally quite pleased with my running pace. However after having some injuries this past winter I was struggling to get back to where I was before and each run seemed like a struggle. The effortless pace of the past had been replaced by a slog to get through my runs.

This all changed when I started running with a neighbour and challenging each other to improve the pace at the next interval. Doing this resulted in my first sub 5 average over 5K today, when I thought my fast days were behind me. The thing is that we are capable of so much more than we are currently experiencing, all we really must do is push ourselves past our comfort zone to the area of real growth.

Today I am thankful for the extra push on my run this morning, finding one area of growth that is leading to growth is so many more other area’s and listing to my wife sing as she works this morning.

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