[ uhn-sur-tn-tee ]

noun,pluralun·cer·tain·tiesfor 2.the state of being uncertain; doubt; hesitancy:His uncertainty gave impetus to his inquiry.

There is lots of uncertainty in the world right now. We are uncertain about what will happen next in the Russian / Ukrainian conflict. We are uncertain about what if anything that we can do to stop it or help those effected. We are also uncertain about how this happened in the first place.

However one of the constants in life is change, yet we strive to hold on to some consistency and comfort. This is also why many people still flock to fixed mortgage rates when the variable rate is much much lower. Over the last several weeks it was pretty much a fait accompli that the next bank of Canada meeting in March would result in an interest rate change. Now that’s not so certain.

So the common belief is to instead focus on the things that we can control and roll with the changes for those things that we can’t. Adjust, change and then adapt to what happens around you is the best way to be.

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