Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it applies to your health, your finances, your time and your relationships. Invest in each of those areas so you will be able to reep the benefits as you grow older. George Bernard Shaw famously said that “Youth is wasted on the young”. Just like beauty is wasted on the vain and you would know this if you happen to have an instagram account with all the look at me pictures.

Far too often lately people are reaching old age broke, sick and lonely. However these things are all mostly within our control. We take good health for granted when we are young and don’t invest in it daily so it will last. The same applies to our finances, invest when you are young so you will have financial stability when you are older. Buy life insurance when you are young and in good health as it is much less expensive. In regards to your relationships, be a better friend, brother, sister, father, mother or cousin. Maintain contact with those you love, don’t just call or show up when you need something.

Don’t be one of the statistics of being old, broke and sick. Take a few minutes every day and invest in those areas while you are young irregardless of your age. The internet is full of stories of people in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond in the best shape of their lives who are running marathon’s and living full and happy lives. This could be you too if you take the time and invest now.

Today I am thankful for my daily workout which does as much for my body as it does for my mind, my dog who needs his walk even when I don’t feel like leaving the house and that I read the wealth barber 25 years ago.

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