Walk the talk

Walk the talk

All the best trainers and coaches know that success leaves clues. If you are not getting the results that you want then look to those who are succeeding. While there is no guarantee that doing exactly what they do will make you successful, I am fairly certain that it will however dramatically improve your results compared to what you are already getting.

As we are leading up to the Masters golf tournament this week, I recently read an article about Tiger Woods. There was an event a few years ago that featured Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady vs Tiger Woods & Payton Manning. Tiger being the hyper competitive person that he is really wanted to win the event. Payton on the other hand was prepared to approach it the same way that he has always approached golf which was to show up to the course 20 minutes early, hit a few balls then start. Tiger had him show up early, do his full warm up and prep work and approach it like the pro that he is and they ended up winning.

So if you are feeling a little bit off for some reason today, then just decide to walk, talk and move like someone who has it all together. Be confident that it will all work out and sooner than later you will be pleasantly surprised on how well things have gone for you today.

Today I am thankful for the brighter mornings, the bad weather that did not amount to much yesterday and the feeling of a fresh shave early in the morning.

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