Work from Home


WFH or Work From Home is what many of us have been doing since the start of the Pandemic. Although I have always had a home office and worked from home, it has been an adjustment for many others. Those who have small children or live by themselves may not have enjoyed the transition as much. My wife has been working here since last March. Although she has wonderful co-workers we do not miss the two hours of commuting 5 days a week. Thankfully our children are older ( 16,16 and 14) and tend to entertain themselves, they loved having her home.

What has really made this possible is all the advances in technology. Years ago when I started working from the house I had to have separate phone lines installed and frequently had to leave for face to face meetings. Now we have Zoom for virtual meetings. VOIP for the phone system so no extra line needed. VPN and remote desktop for secure connections to all our important stuff. I am sure there are people who missing going into the office, sadly it’s not us.

Today I am thankful that my will be able to continue to work from home, early morning Olympic action before anyone else got up and a happy clients closing on her first home.

“If working remotely is such a great idea, why isn’t everyone doing it? I think it’s because we’ve been bred on the idea that work happens from 9 to 5, in offices and cubicles. It’s no wonder that most who are employed inside that model haven’t considered other options or resist the idea that it could be any different. But it can.” Jason Fried

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