What a relief

What a relief

What a relief is what you say to yourself after the completion of an important or stressful event. It could be your recent wedding or divorce, a big race or sporting event that you spent a long time preparing for or the recent closing or your mortgage. Celebrate that the event is now over and the stress that came with it was almost all self induced.

In hindsight you now realize that you stressed out and worried about nothing. The event came and went and nothing tragic happened. So getting worried and stressed out only succeeded in stopping you from really enjoying life. Nothing is really good or bad unless you label it as such. So drop the labels, see events, people and things just as they are, neither good, bad or indifferent. You will then realize that life has so much more to offer you when you do.

Today I am thankful for the recent book I read which was “Awareness” by Anthony de Mello, a coating of snow when I got up this morning and a situation that I had stressed myself about last night is finely over and nothing really came of it so I worried for nothing.

“We have nothing to fear but fear it’s self.” Franklin D Roosevelt

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