World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022

No not the Quidditch World Cup, the World Cup of Football or soccer for those who play in the US. I have to confess that I had not really followed football until I watched “Welcome to Wrexham” recently. Now I love it. Watching Wales come back and tie and almost beat the Yanks was amazing.

Here are a few interesting World Cup Stats.

  • Average viewership for the world cup in 2018 was 191 Million, compared to only 100 Million for the Super Bowl in the US or 150 Million total viewership world wide. The finals for the last world cup brought in 517 Million viewers.
  • As for total reach approximately 3.56 Billion people watched at least 1 min of the past world cup in 2018 compared to only 3.05 Billion to the Olympics in 2020.
  • Most world cup wins goes to Brazil at 5 ( 58,62,70,94 &02) with Germany coming in with 8 in the top two.
  • Longest gap in successive appearances in the world cup finals goes to Wales at 64 years. I have to say that after watching “Welcome to Wrexham” I am really routing for them to do well.
  • The team with the most world cup finals appearance goes to and it’s no surprise that it’s Brazil at 22 appearances.
  • The largest attendance record for a final was set at 114,600 for a game between Argentina vs West Germany in 1986 and the largest overall attendance was 199,854 for Uruguay vs Brazil in 1950.

Football or Soccer is literally a world sport and the FIFA World cup is the biggest sporting event. Whether you agree or disagree with Qatar hosting the event, there is no doubt at all that the world will be watching to see what happens during the tournament. Go Canada and Go Wales.

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