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More rate hikes

More rate hikes???

We find out next week if our stubbornly high inflation which went against consensus and actually increased by .1% last month did finally come back down again. As a result of inflation still being so sticky the Bank of Canada decided in their infinite wisdom to increase the overall lending rate by 25 basis points or .25% at their last meeting.

I don’t know how much more of this people can actually take before they comprehend that they have to cut back on their spending. Just to illustrate the point about this regarding non necessary spending effecting overall inflationary numbers. There was recently a concert by Beyonce in Stockholm Sweden over the 10th and 11th of May. So concert goers paid for tickets, meals out on the town and accommodation for those who traveled to see her show. This resulted … Read more

Spoiled Rotten

Spoiled Rotten

We have been spoiled rotten with the rock bottom low interest rates that we have had for the past 15 or so years. I am reminded of this fact now that the five year discounted rate is 5.14%. However this sill pales in comparison to high rates of the mid 80’s at 16 or 17%.

People keep asking me when do I see rates coming back down. Well if you listen to the central bankers like Tif Macklem who is the head of the Bank of Canada, it’s going to keep going up before it comes back down. This is because our overall inflation rate is till too high. With the last monthly report from August which had us at 7%. Yes it is coming back down from it’s record high this summer, it’s just not coming back to earth … Read more

What does it mean

What does it mean?

Yesterday for the first time a very long time ( 26 years in-fact) the Bank of Canada raised the key overnight lending rate by 100 basis points or 1 full percentage point. As a result the bank prime lending rate is now 4.7%.

Many of us are now waking up this morning asking what does this all mean and how will it impact me. Firstly if you have a variable rate mortgage your payment has now increased. Those with lines of credit their payments have also increased. Basically if you are looking to borrow money it has now become more expensive. The days of cheap/free money are now officially over.

The Bank of Canada has made these moves in an effort to bring inflation which is now at 40 year highs under control. In-fact just prior to the BOC making … Read more

Rate Increased

Rate increased

Just incase you were not watching the 5 year fixed insured AAA rate went up yesterday from 3.84% to 4.09% or an increase of 25 basis points. This is an increase of 120 basis points or 1.2% since the first of February. So it’s no wonder that the core inflation rate in Canada increased by 6.7% for the month of March. The costs of everything from fuel, food, housing and now mortgage rates have increased drastically.

So what are you doing to protect your self against the rising costs everything all around you. Are you cutting back on using your vehicle as much, have you stopped eating out, have you trimmed back some of the streaming services that you subscribe to for your entertainment or have you just buckled down and focused on working harder and putting more money away … Read more

Buckle Up

Buckle Up

Buckle up as it may be a bumpy ride. Since Russia decided to invade Ukraine, I am not saying because of it but this did start around the same time, that bond yields have been steadily rising thus the fixed mortgage rates have also been increasing.

In the past month the 5 year discounted fixed rate has increased by 90 basis points from 2.89% to 3.79%. There are many in the mortgage industry who say that they see this increasing further to over 4% and only then possibly settling down. There is also talk of the Bank of Canada increasing the overnight lending rate by 50 basis point on the next meeting on April 13th. Doing so will then increase the prime rate from 2.70% to 3.20%.

While the costs of almost everything has been increasing lately from the homes … Read more

Rate decision

Bank of Canada leaves key rate unchanged

Malcolm Morrison, The Canadian Press

The Canadian dollar gave up early gains and moved lower after the Bank of Canada’s announced it was leaving interest rates unchanged and warned of the negative effects of a rising currency.

The loonie was 0.12 of a cent lower to 102.82 cents US after the central bank announced its decision to keep the key interest rate at one per cent.

The bank observed that the economic recovery in Canada is proceeding slightly faster than expected and that “while consumption growth remains strong, there are signs that household spending is moving more in line with the growth in household incomes.”

But the bank also warned that “the export sector continues to face considerable challenges from the cumulative effects of the persistent strength in the Canadian dollar and Canada’s Read more

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Ok I am not asking you to kiss your sister. There is nothing unpleasant here (for you or your sister). Heck it’s practically free. I am going to break with one of my golden rules and talk to you about mortgage rates. Now before you get too excited, I am doing it to illustrate an opportunity rather than as a price comparison tool.

In the 7 plus years that I have been a mortgage broker, I have seen rates go up an down. I have seen 5 year fixed rates as low as 4.5% to as high as 6.2% for the discounted AAA rated clients. The current turmoil in our financial markets has caused a liquidity crisis for many major lenders ( specifically in the US). This has made it necessary for the US government to inject Billions … Read more

Bank of Canada lowers interest rates to spur growth!


The Bank of Canada cut its main interest rate to a record low on Tuesday and signaled for the first time that it may take extra steps to pump money into a system that remains stubbornly short of credit.

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada made a bet Tuesday that, if interest rates were virtually zero, businesses might be more inclined to borrow to build new factories, buy new equipment, and put unemployed Canadians back to work.

The central bank lowered its key overnight rate Tuesday to 0.5 per cent — a record low — and many observers say the bank could even take the rate as low as it could go, to zero, in all all-out effort to make it cheaper and easier for commercial banks to lend

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Bank of Canada sets key overnight rate to 1%

Well the Bank of Canada has done it again. They cut the key lending rate by another 50 basis points. So it is now at 1%. They are doing this because of the current world wide economic crisis, and the belief that our economy will shrink by another 1.2% this year. The central bank also said that the current global financial system must stabilize before any economic recover is to happen.

For those of you who have not been keeping track, the Bank of Canada has cut the key lending rate by 350 basis points ( or 3.5%) in the last 13 months. Some also say that there is a possibility for another rate cut at the next scheduled meeting in March.

The charted banks quickly reacted by lowered their prime rates from 3.5% to 3%. Even though they matched … Read more

BoC remains on hold as inflation fears rise



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada left its benchmark interest rate at 3 per cent and predicted raging oil and food prices would cause inflation to surge past 4 per cent by early next year.

Governor Mark Carney and his five deputies on the governing council also cut their estimate for economic growth for 2008 to 1 per cent, which would be the weakest in almost two decades, citing “protracted weakness” in the U.S. economy and “ongoing turbulence” in financial markets.

The central bank’s decision to leave borrowing costs unchanged suggests Mr. Carney’s biggest concern is keeping a lid on Canadians’ expectations about prices. Policy makers raise and lower interest rates to keep inflation advancing at an annual rate of 2 per cent and are uncomfortable with

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