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Self Taught

Self Taught

In school you build the foundation, but it’s what you learn in life that allows you to build the house. Life long learners are the ones who truly excel at life. Sure we learn a lot of important things in school like how to read, write and arithmetic. All very important suff. However to truly be successful at life you have to learn much more than that, and you have to continue learning.

Who wants to see a doctor who hasn’t picked up a book to advance his training since they left medical school 30 years ago. I can tell you that I don’t. The same applies to the pharmacist, the mechanic and even your neighbourhood mortgage broker. The only thing constant in life is change, and those who grow and adapt with it are the ones who will thrive.… Read more

Get Frustrated!

If you want things to change, you have to be really frustrated, pissed off or down right angry about your current situation. If you are content, happy or comfortable with your current situation then nothing will change.

I am not saying that you have to be frustrated or pissed off all the time, it’s just that you should be uncomfortable enough with your current situation that you can’t stand it any longer and must change it.

Want to lose weight or get fit, this will work only if you are uncomfortable with with your current situation. The same if you’re broke, single or balding. We only come this way once, if you are not happy with your current results. Look at what you have been doing and start to make some changes.

Tired of renting, then save some money for … Read more