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Plant Seeds

Plant seeds

Plant seeds instead of landmines. As you go through your day and your life are you planting seeds of greater benefit or landmines of your future destruction? We have all heard the story of the guy who tells off another guy about a parking spot then goes into a building only to find out the person they told off is who they have their interview with.

Be cognizant of how you react and treat others as it could come back to you in surprising ways. What you give out, you eventually get back. If day after day in rush hour traffic you are encountered with a-holes, there is a strong chance that the a-hole is you.

I was the recipient of a positive example this week. In Oct of 2005 I flew to Los Angles to attend a sales training … Read more

Sales Pitch

We all love to buy, but generally we don’t like to be sold. I like to compare it to driving, unless I am in the driver’s seat it’s just not the same. Let’s just face it we have all been sold to at one time or another. It’s just the experience of the sales process that some of us have trouble with.

You have to admit that you are almost pre-programmed to say that “Thanks I am just looking” when a sales person comes up to you at a retail store and says “May I help you with anything”?. Think of it for a minute, would your response be different if their approach was different?

When I first started as a broker almost 7 years ago now, my first branch manager (who was more of a bull in a china … Read more

My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things in no particular order.

My wife and I had a 2001 Subaru Forester Ltd, by the time we were forced to trade it in, it had over 175K KM, the only money we had to spend on it were for tires, brakes and oil. You see we had to move to a vechile that could handle 3 children’s car seats. It was fine for our twin girls but when our son arrived we could not fit 3 car seats in the back seat so we had to move to a mini van.

So if you want a nice reliable car, one that also comes with the safety and beauty of all wheel drive, then surf on over to www.subaru.ca and check one out.

People always say the grass is greener on the … Read more