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Setting the record straight!

This post is in response to an article in the business section of today’s Chronicle Herald newspaper. While I admire and respect the broker quoted in the story, I believe that some of the message can easily be taken out of context and I just want to set the record straight. 

I have been a mortgage broker for just over 6 years now. During this time a lot has happened and a lot has changed in the Canadian mortgage market. Canada started off with only one true sub prime mortgage lender, several had entered the market and now we are back to only one again. With the advent of rampant sub prime lending here in Canada; we were introduced to 100% financing, stated income products, interest only mortgages and products for clients with less than perfect credit. While 95% … Read more

GE Money Pulls up stakes!


The global credit crisis has claimed another victim in the Canadian mortgage industry asGeneral Electric Co. winds up its mortgage operations here.

After three years in the business, GE Money Canada said it will stop taking new mortgage applications tomorrow. It’s the latest in a string of alternative lenders that have decided to scale back operations or close shop amid the credit crunch.

Lenders who relied on bundling and selling loans to fund new mortgages have run into trouble as the securitization market went dry.

GE uses its own capital to fund mortgages, and in its case the decision is part of a broader corporate strategy to shift away from consumer financing, said Stephen Motta, chief executive officer of GE Money Canada.

“This was precipitated by

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Glad you're not affected by the USA mortgage meltdown? Think again!!

Are you worried because of all the instability in the U.S banking system? The sub prime melt down, foreclosures and the long list of banks closing their doors. Do you think that we are immune up here in Canada? Well we are and we aren’t, let me explain. 

Well thanks to the fact that our banks have large national branch networks, rather than where our American neighbor’s banks are mostly regional focused. We have deposit insurance (provided by CDIC) as do our American friend’s (FDIC), however that will not help the over 10,000 clients of Indy Mac Bank who have deposits or investments in excess of the insured limits. Our strength truly lies in our limited number of charted banks and our national network. 

Have there been effects here in Canada, yes there have. Just in the past year alone, … Read more