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Year in Review

Year In Review

New Year’s Eve is typically when we look back to see how we did over the past 12 months. Don’t be too hard on yourself, the whole idea is just to see how you did and use the data to see how you can improve going into next year.

In 2022 I did:

  • 3750 cold calls ( yes I keep track)
  • 102 hours on my Peloton bike
  • 876 Km biking outside with my friends ( Thanks Strava, 10% improvement over 2021)
  • 565 Km ran ( thanks to my Nike + app)
  • 42,235 Km traveled to see clients
  • 9,776 pages read and finished 32 books ( Exceeded my target of 30 and tracked it all on Goodreads & StoryGraph)
  • Helped 20% more clients than the previous year

I have always felt strongly that if you track it then you can improve … Read more