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Best Real Estate Apps for 2021

If you are in the market to buy your next home there is a very good chance that you also have a smart phone in your pocket. So here is a list of the apps that you should have to make your house hunting a little bit easier.

Let’s start with the most popular app It will help you whether you are looking for your dream home, next home or your investment property. This app with help you with your real estate search from coast to coast.

This one is pretty cool. Try It says that it is powered by MLS and that it’s listings are updated every 15 minutes so you will know when that hot property hits the market. Experience is similar to Trulia & Zillow which are huge in the US. However if you live in Manitoba or in Quebec you will be out of luck for the moment.

This one is my personal favourite, Everything you wanted to know about finding the perfect home in Nova Scotia. Sorry rest of Canada. I have used this app to look up comparable sales, to tax assessed values and previous sales prices. Find your perfect neighbourhood and the map will tell you what’s available and what has sold recently and for how much.

My go to app for calculating mortgage payments on fly is Canadian Mortgage App. If I am not in front of my computer then this what I use. Pre qualify ( not the same as a pre approval) for the property that you looking at based on your debts & income. Find out what your payments would be on the house you just looked at or the new listing that just popped up.

Let’s just face it we don’t all have the same sense of style regarding interior design. That’s why Houzz is great. They are billed as the social networking site for home improvement, interior design & architecture. Lots of great DIY ideas and tips to improve that house to make it your dream home.

Last but not least, you are going to need to sign some documents to close on your property. I will give you three options here. I use Zoho Sign, as the rest of my business is run on Zoho. Other brokers I know use Sign Now and then there is Docusign.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to your mortgage needs.


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