David Bowie said it best

It was very sad to get up this morning to read about the passing of a rock legend David Bowie. I have always loved his music. The news reports talked about the impact his life has had on rock music, fashion, art and even financial securities with Bowie bonds.

I don’t know how many hundreds if not thousands of times I have listened to his song changes. Singing along and not realizing until today that I ( like many) was singing it wrong. He talked about “time may change me, but I can’t trace ( not change) time. I did not really get what he meant till today, and his career summed it up perfectly. You can’t go back in time. Bowie was always changing, and that’s what made him interesting.

Change is the one constant that we have in our lives. It’s how we adapt to it that determines our fate. You don’t listen to the same music at 2 as you would at 15, sorry Raffi. You don’t work at the same type of job at 15 as you would at 30, sorry Mc’D’s. Your finances also change along each stage of your life. We must adapt to meet these changes.

Are you spending more that you are earning? Are you paying down your debt? Are you saving for retirement? Are you working just to make bill payments or are you truly designing your life? Time may change you, but you can’t change time.  The choice is yours, cause you can’t go back in time and change your decisions of the past. Make some better decisions today so that your future is one that you have designed.

Thanks for the memories and the inspiration Mr Bowie.



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