Get off the treadmill, you’re not a hamster

As the year is winding down, I have been thinking of what I have accomplished this year. What I worked on and did not finish, and what I just did not get around to doing at all. How did you do with your scorecard? Sadly if you are like most, you may not even of kept score.

It turns out that only 5% of the population actually set goals, and more importantly only a smaller percentage of those actually write them down. Are you getting up day after day, doing the same thing and expecting different results. You know that’s the definition of insanity right!

What are your personal goals? Your health goals? Your financial goals. Do you know what you want to achieve today, this week, this month and this year that will help you come closer to their achievement. Don’t get caught up in the day to day rat race of doing the same old things. Have a clear vision of where you want to go, and sit down and create a step by step plan for it’s achievement.

Weather you want to pay off all your debts, lose 30 lbs, run 5K, pass the bar exam or find your soul mate, it doesn’t matter the goal, you can do it. Just write it down as if you have already achieved it. Now ask yourself what can you do today to move you in the right direction. Start before you are ready, the perfect time is now.

The hamster’s view from his treadmill never changes as he never goes anywhere. Change your view of where you want to go, believe that you can do it, take daily small actions toward it’s achievement but always keep in mind where you want to go.

I look forward to hearing about your journey.



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