A very fine line

A very fine line

There is a very fine line between being consistent in your follow up and taking it way too far. One way shows that you care and you want to help and the other will end up getting your calls blocked and being a pest. If you go on a date with someone and you have a good time you don’t call them 24 times the next day as that is not the way to get a 2nd date. Open and honest communication is the best way to manage expectations.

Our business development managers and underwriters at the banks are dealing with 100’s of files all at the same time. To our clients they have only one loan request but expectations must be managed. The best way I find is by providing all the necessary documents up front and upon submission of the file.

Today I am thankful that our Canadian Women’s Soccer team finally won the gold medal at the Olympics, a file complete just before a deadline expired and the beautiful warm rain of this morning.

“Courage is crossing a starting line.” Amby Burfoot

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