Just because you are nice to someone does not mean that they will be nice back to you. Don’t think that just because you are an expert with your please and thank you’s that you will be treated the same way in return. Expecting someone to be good to you or go out of their way for you if you did it for them is foolhardy.

Release all expectations about how others will react as you have no control over that. Do good cause you are good person. Be polite because that is what your parents taught you to be. If you did a favour for a friend don’t expect a response in kind. Do it because you wanted to with no expectation of anything in return.

The quickest path to frustration is to set your mood or frame of mind around how others treat or respond to you. You have no control over external events. The only thing you truly control is your response to what happens around you and your attitude. Take responsibility for your actions, be kind and practice gratitude in all that you do.

Today I am grateful for an awesome morning run before it got too hot and sticky, the last and most exciting day of the Tour De France and the excitement for a great week ahead.

“I am afraid of privilege, of ease and of entitlement.” Tan Le

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