Help for Ukraine

Help for Ukraine

A little goes a long way. Here are a few ways to help those effected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  1. Book an Airbnb stay in Ukraine with no plans to stay. With Airbnb waiving it’s guest and hosting fee’s this money will go directly to people in the Ukraine that need it.
  2. When you donate to the Canadian Red Cross, the Government of Canada will match individual donations by Canadians.
  3. Médecins sans frontières is well known ( Doctors without borders) for helping people in conflict zones.
  4. As the second largest foreign country that is home to Ukranian’s, you can also support through the Canadian-Ukranian Foundation.
  5. An international renowned NGO for supporting families, Save the Children is there on the ground delivering emergency aid.

I am sure there are many many more ways to help. At the very least just try to do something to help these people suffering from the unjust attack.

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