Entrepreneur’s Wanted

Hey Business Owner!


Congratulations you’ve done it, you have started your own business. You have taken the 1st step. This could of been years in the making or a recent spark of inspiration that pushed you to it. Irregardless congratulations I am happy for you.

Now get your business registered, set up your banking and start making some sales. If you are boot strapping your early growth that is great as it shows that you have some skin the game. Once you have some preliminary success and you have proven your concept, now the future is starting to look bright. It may now become time to start thinking about financing your future growth.

We have years of experience in assisting entrepreneur’s finance and fund the future growth of their businesses. Whether you are looking for working capital or a private … Read more

Shhh, it's Private!

Private lenders that is. Why they are important, when to use one and who they are:

Private lenders are important because they provide a source of capital to investors or homeowners when they would not other wise be able to access funds. This saves people from foreclosure, allows business owners access to important working capital or the ability to purchase the property they wanted.

Timing is everything, and when it comes to using private lenders, it may come down to the fact that you do not qualify for a loan by any other means.  It could also mean that you may need the loan very quickly and do not have the time to go through a long drawn out bank process.

These lenders go by many names, some of the most common or at least the ones that I can … Read more