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A simple thank you

A Simple Thank You

In a close second to being loved is being appreciated. It’s an amazing feeling when someone tells you out of the blue how much what you said or did meant to them. Who needs artificial mood enhancers when you have honest and sincere appreciation.

If you have not been on the receiving end recently, you can try your hand at giving some out. It’s amazing how well you will feel. Giving a simple thank you to someone may just make their day, and who doesn’t love that.

I do a lot of calls, some people I reach and others I just have to leave a message. Someone that I had only spoken with one time but left a few messages called me yesterday and told me how much he appreciated me calling. The little things do matter and as a … Read more

Special Sauce

Special sauce

We are now in the midst of that time of year when we are focused on giving our loved ones the perfect gift. However sometimes that perfect gift can not be bought. Take time time and show them just how much you appreciate them. Doing this may require more time on your part but it’s guaranteed to bring a smile on their face and yours as well.

Appreciation really is that special sauce to any relationship. Whether this is a personal or professional relationship it really does not matter. Some have even gone so far as to say that people will sometimes do more for honest and sincere appreciation than they will do for monetary rewards. Headhunters know this first hand when trying to lure people away from positions where they are highly valued and appreciated.

I am writing about … Read more



Appreciation is the gift that keeps on giving. It is commonly said that people will do more for honest and sincere appreciation than they will for monetary compensation. Placement firms know this as it is challenging to entice someone away from a position where they are paid well and appreciated.

Another example of appreciation at work, my brother wanted to treat his staff to a surprise as they have all been working hard during the latest phase of the pandemic. He reached out to my daughter who loves to bake and asked her to make homemade cupcakes with buttercream frosting. The staff really loved them and to further pass on the appreciation he increased the rate that he had promised to pay my daughter for the cupcakes by 50%.

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. … Read more