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The importance of Timing

You may, like others think that timing has nothing to do with your overall success, however I believe this is not the case. If you think back to some significant events in your life, either positive or negative, timing played a part . Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that it has everything to do with your outcome, but it definitely plays a part. The harder you work, more opportunities will come your way and the better your timing seems to be. Things just seem to happen when you want them to happen, and that is because you are focused like a laser on your desired end result.

Here are just a few examples that come to mind. Normally I write my blog posts at night and post them first thing in the morning, however last Friday I decided

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Don't get caught with your finances down!

On days like we have been having lately it is tempting to just turn off the TV, avoid reading the paper or surfing the finances pages of the internet. However sticking your head in the sand – as reassuring as it can be at the time – is a great way to guarantee that you go down with the ship!  The worst thing you can do is assume the strategy that got you where you are today, which has worked great over the past 20 years, will continue to work for you over the next 5 years: it won’t work.  The system is broken.  

So you may be asking what can you do? Well here are a few simple idea’s:

1) Manage your emotions.  Breathe.  Look out of the window and appreciate the autumn views.  Notice all the looming disasters … Read more

The worst is over? Think again

As taken from the Globe & Mail. See my comments below.

The stock market would have you believe that the worst of the financial mess is over, and that it’s time again to buy, buy, buy. But Barry Ritholtz, who writes The Big Picture Blog, thinks the buying frenzy of the past week is a head fake that will end badly.

“The anticipated bear market bounce in financials has led to the usual fools’ chorus that the worst is behind us, the economy is on the mend, and a recession is avoided,” he said. “How’s the economy doing? You tell me.”

He then goes on to list (and it’s a long list) the problems that continue to plague the U.S. economy. For one, General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. are suffering, but so is mighty Toyota Motor Corp., … Read more