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Court turns down ABCP appeal!

The Supreme Court of Canada has denied an appeal of the plan to rescue $32-billion of stranded asset-backed commercial paper, clearing the way for thousands of individuals and companies to start reclaiming investments that have been frozen for 13 months.

A group of Canadian companies holding about $600-million of notes had challenged the ABCP bailout on the grounds that it was legally flawed. The businesses, which include Domtar Inc., Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. and Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc., opposed the plan because it includes a sweeping legal immunity that shields financial players from potential lawsuits relating to their controversial role in the ABCP meltdown.

By refusing to consider the appeal, the Supreme Court has endorsed a precedent that some legal experts say will allow other troubled entities to seek similar shields that deny investors and other parties the right to … Read more