Let’s face it we all want the latest and greatest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new car, new phone or new computer. If it is new and better than what we have now then we want it. We are very much a high consumption society. Our economy runs on it. However with the onset of inflation this year, and prices of fuel, housing and food going through the roof, that new TV or phone does not seem so important.

What used to be a no brainer ( getting that new phone), now you must think of your priorities, which are paying for your every day living expenses. Then and only then if there is money left over can one consider getting the latest and greatest gadget. The shift hasn’t happened yet as we are only a few months into this but it is coming.

So when people drastically cut back on their spending on the luxuries of life, companies sales decline, they make less money and start the trim their workforces. That YOLO attitude may not get you far as you can’t eat your phone. Start putting priorities in place and thinking long term about how budget for the important things in life. Check out YNAB as it will help you with that.

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