Who Am I?

When I started in this field 17 years ago, I tried my hardest to serve all sorts of clients. It didn’t matter if it was for your commercial project, you had a prior bankruptcy, you were self employed or new to Canada. I did it all. After all of those years I will still do all of those things but I won’t do it all for everyone.

It all boils down to one thing, we have to be a fit for each other. There are enough other people doing the same thing, if we are not a fit there is one out there.

If I have to buy the rate down to win your business, I am not your guy.

If you expect a split of my commission because you referred me some business, I am not your guy.

If you need me to turn my head the other way so you qualify for financing, then I am not your guy.

I am your guy if you want someone to go above and beyond to get your financing complete. I am your guy if answering the phone or getting back to you quickly is important. I am your guy if service matters, finding the right product matters and making this process as stress free as possible.

Today’s post was inspired by listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast with Seth Godin. Seth is wonderful and full of all kinds of great ideas. For more you should check out his latest book.

Make today a great day, and reach out if you have any questions.



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