1% Better

When most people go to change they go at it thinking and wanting massive change. They want to double their income, lose 50+ pounds, run a marathon or create the next hot app. We live in an instant gratification society and we want results yesterday. We are so impatient.

We need to just slow down and take it step by step. Being a founding member of the impatient society I have had to learn this the hard way. Daily meditation with the help of the Headspace app has really helped.

Another way to look at it is asking yourself what could you do today that could bring you 1% closer to your goal. When you think about it 1% done everyday adds up quickly and adds up to a lot.

If you want to get to 100 push-ups, start with 10 today and add one a day. I have done this and it’s easier said than done but your strength builds quickly.

If you are in sales, then one more presentation, meeting or cold call. Do something today that you can build on tomorrow.

If you want to get out of debt, you can start by paying your bills on time. Then $5 or $10 more than the minimum payment. Then once one credit card is paid off, us the snowball method and apply those savings to the next bill till you’re paid off.

If you focus on small incremental improvements every day, pretty soon you have made some massive changes.

Start with a 400M run, a bit extra on your credit cards, 10 minutes of reading, a healthy meal, an extra cold call or counting 5 breaths for you to relax. We all have to start somewhere so start small and just build on it.

Make it a great day.