Early Bird

Early Bird

The trouble with being a very early bird today is that 10am felt like 4pm. I was up just just before 4am with no alarm so I could bike along the trail to the Bike & Bean for a cancer fundraiser. You see I lost my mom to cancer in 2005 and my wife lost her mom in 2008. So it’s for a very important cause.

The money we are raising is going to help cancer patients who are receiving treatment at the QEII. This is my annual ride for cancer season whereby friends and I train, fund raise and then come the event in October we ride anywhere between 50-150K.

The discomfort of getting up early and the frequent training sessions truly pales in comparisons to what the cancer patients go through just to survive. So please take a few minutes and donate to this worthy cause. The link to my fundraising page is right here.