We could all use a little more Kaizen in our lives

In case you are not familiar with the term, Kaizen stems from the Sino-Japanese word for Improvement or change for the better. This is a concept referring to activities that lead to constant and continuous improvement. This has been applied in many area’s from manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, psychotherapy , personal development coaching, government and banking.

This ironic thing is that American business consultants brought this concept to Japan after the second world war. The magic of this was instead of focusing on large scale changes to processes, it instead talked about implementing small improvements that could be done right away. Toyota adopted this as part of their manufacturing process and yielded large results in terms of their productivity and their quality of products. So much so that by the 90’s rolled around they had over taken GM, Ford and Chrysler … Read more

it's all the little things

it’s all the little things

Sure we all have big gigantic goals that we want to accomplish, but it is not every day that we can knock those big goals off our to do lists. By taking care of the small stuff will help us move in the right direction to achieve the big goals.

Want to loose 50lbs, start by not missing a workout or continuing to eat right. The same goes for saving for a down payment, put 10% of your paycheque into an account that you can’t touch with your debit card, make your coffee at home and cut down on eating out and you will get there in no time at all.

Be consistent with the little things and the larger goals will happen faster than you could possibly imagine. Baring winning the lottery or the discovery of a magic pill, … Read more

What is your Why

What is your Why?

Forget about asking what to do or how to do it, why to do it is the most important thing to ask. It has been said that with a strong enough Why anything is possible. Most people know what to do to get in shape and they may even know how to to do it, but without a strong enough why they will never do it. The same can be said to your personal finances or your relationships. Once you know why you want to improve anything becomes possible.

If you are reading this page, you may be thinking of refinancing or purchasing in the near future. The what to do and how to do it are sometimes fairly simple and straight forward. The why however can be a little fuzzy. Some of the common why’s I hear are the … Read more

Buying or Selling

It’s all either marketing or sales

If you really think about it, everything you do is either marketing or sales. If you are married, you have made a sale. If you are single and on a dating platform then you’re marketing. If you employed for someone else then you have made a sale to get hired. If you are self employed then you are marketing for new business.

We are either selling our selves or our services. But when you actually come to think about it, it is much more enjoyable buying than being sold. When you know exactly what you want it is so much easier to say no to everything that is not in alignment with your goal.

My goal is to provide my clients with the information that they require so they can make their own informed decisions about one of the biggest … Read more