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Qualifying Rate

Qualifying rate change

As some of you may know that we have a mortgage stress test or qualifying rate of 5.25%. This is to help insure that when you are qualifying for a mortgage you will still be able to make the payments if and or when the rate changed to 5.25%. What many of you may not have heard is that this qualifying rate or stress test rate has now increased.

Actually it has not changed but it has increased so let me explain. The way the stress test works is that it is based on the contract rate ( your mortgage rate) plus 2% or 5.25% which ever is greater. The stress test rate of 5.25% has not changed but the mortgage rates have thus moving the qualifying rate now above 5.25%.

Rates have been increasing as bond yields have changed … Read more

Stress Test

Stress Test

The purpose of a stress test is see if you have any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Like those who have heart disease and are required to jump on the treadmill to see how their heart responds to exercise, we have a stress test( since Jan 2018) for those looking to purchase a home or refinance their mortgage.

The purpose of the stress test for your mortgage is just to make sure that you will still be able to afford the payments in the event that mortgage rates increase rapidly. Until rather recently the rate used for qualification was 4.79%. While fixed and variable rates are much lower than this rate, it is used as a benchmark to make sure that you can still afford a mortgage if rates were to increase to that point. Now the government ( … Read more

Mortgage Rate changes


Well after several months of mortgage rates going down, they turned the corner and started going back up yesterday. As fixed mortgages are tied to bond yields, they hit a 10 month high on Monday with the 5 year bond closing at 0.67% forcing lenders to pass the increase on to borrowers.

The bond yields are increasing because there is belief that the US inflation with rise much quicker than initially expected. Thus taking our Government of Canada bonds up with them. While I have no crystal ball, we have been very fortunate lately with our current rock bottom fixed mortgage rates. Nothing stays low forever, so if you have been on the fence about buying a property then now is the time to get pre approved and lock in your mortgage rate in advance of future increases.

While these … Read more