Is it the end?

…. or a new beginning? It all depends on how you look at it. Whether it be divorce, bankruptcy or loss of employment, it does not always mean that the sky is falling and the worst has happened to you.  Some view these major life changing events as a reason to change their life for the better and this could apply to you as well. I remember back in February of 2002, I was made redundant ( laid off, downsized, eliminate and voted off) from a company that I worked at for over 7 years. I was disappointed  but not devastated. I took that opportunity to get into something that I really enjoyed, something that I could get exponential return for the effort that I put into it, I started my own business, and have never looked back.

I know as hard as it may be when these events are happening to see the bright side, it takes time but there always is one. It even took me several months to get myself going in the right direction. What I had going for me at the time is that I had a goal in mind and was very clear about my objective.

If one of your goals are to start and operate you own business, then congratulations on making that decision. You have made the 1st step in the right direction. You should realize that there are lots of resources at your disposal. There are experts who can help you with your business planning, commercial leasing agents to help you locate the right spot for your business, and if needed we can help you secure financing to insure the future success of your venture.  Feel free to give my office a call, I look forward to hearing from you.



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