Need a new career direction?

How about joining my team as a mortgage broker? It’s a challenging yet rewarding career. As an independent contractor, you get back what you put in to it. Below are some frequently asked questions: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Is this a full time or part time opportunity?

This is a full time career opportunity.

Is there a base salary?
No. The position is entirely commission based.

What can I expect to earn?
Its difficult to say. As a commissioned agent your income is based on your performance. Your commissions are tied to the fees earned on a given transaction. The average loan fee collected on a loan transaction ranges between .75%-2.5% of the loan amount. Your commission ranges from 50-75%% of the net commission. Your commission rate is based on your production .

Is a license required?
Yes it is necessary to obtain a license through Service Nova Scotia the Department of Municipal Relations. You will also become a member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.

Can I earn any money while I am training?
Yes you can. Since Craigburn holds both the Broker License and the CAAMP membership , you can start earning commissions right away. Ask your mentor for the details.

Will I receive any hands on training?
Yes, the best way to learn how to successfully complete a real estate mortgage transaction, is to follow one from start to finish. You will shadow a licensed agent from initial client interview to funding of the loan.

Will I need to work from your office?

No, many of our agents work from their home office and spend time in the field. We all remain in contact though the use of phones, faxes, email, Internet web sites and overnight delivery.

Where do I meet my clients?
The easiest and most efficient place to meet clients is at their home or place of business. This allows you to gather all the needed information without having to set up additional meetings. If your client prefers, you can schedule a meeting at our office.

Can I use the internet?
Yes, your clients can get information and they can apply online.

How will I generate business for myself?
We will show you. One of the most important parts of the training is prospecting and lead generation. We will show you how to benefit from the various market techniques and the use of the internet.

What types of properties can I work with?
Both residential and commercial. We can arrange loans on residential property, such as single family homes up to 4 units, commercial properties, such as larger apartment buildings, office buildings, stores, storage, etc. can also be arranged.

What types of loans are available?
You will be able to place top quality “A” paper loans at the most attractive rates and terms as well as the “B-C” type of loans for borrowers with credit problems or unusual properties. You will have access to a very wide variety of loan programs and lenders.

Is Craigburn Capital a direct lender?
No, Craigburn Capital is an independent broker . As such we broker loan requests to mortgage lenders, both institutional and private. We work with an ever growing number of lenders to best meet the needs of most of our clients.

Please contact me if you have any questions, as always I look forward to hearing from you.


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