The Power of a Deadline

Isn’t it amazing how much you can accomplish when you know that it absolutely has to get done. It could be the term paper that is due the next day, the taxes that need to be filed or the rent that is due the end of the month. When faced with a hard deadline things just seem to get done. At this point failure is not an option and excused be damned, you are laser focused on the end result. This is the time for massive action.

What have you been putting off that you could be doing now? Did you make a goal to finely get in shape this year, and just realized that it is now February and all you do is work and watch tv. Did you say that you this will be the year that you are better at managing your money, yet you are still living pay check to pay check. Or better yet, you said that this was the year that you moved out of your parents basement.

Well Carpe Diem, today’s the day that you set a hard dead line for your goals and tell all your friends just so you are held accountable. Start with a few push-ups, sit-ups or a 5 min walk. Open up a TSFA, set up automatic deposit and delete Amazon or any shopping apps off of your phone. Start saving for a down payment or for the apartment. Do something today that moves the needle forward.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to your mortgage needs.


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p.s.s- I should tell you that I am licensed in Nova Scotia, Ontario(M18001555) & in British Columbia(BCFSA #504098).