Bank's overnight rate drops to generational low!

The Bank of Canada just lowered it’s key lending rate by three quarters of a percentage point or .75 basis points. Assuming the banks follow the BoC lead ( they have not always the past few months) that will make the prime lending rate now 3.25%. This latest act of desperation by the BoC is to prevent us from dropping into a deeper and more prolonged recession, because of a world wide economic crisis and a troubled U.S economy.

This is all in an attempt to increase the flow of funds and to increase consumer confidence. In layman’s terms it is supposed to give you (and businesses) incentive to go out and spend some of your hard earned cash. This will not result in an immediate reversal of fortune, that will take some time. The immediate result they are looking for is to generate some heat on the frozen credit market. In other words, they want to make it easier for businesses and consumers to access money to borrow.

What does this mean to the average Joe or Jane? Well if you have a variable rate mortgage (one that is tied to prime rate) or a line of credit, then your payments will go down. That is if your bank follows the BoC’s lead, and there is now evidence that they are not. Other than that, there is not really enough incentive to run to the mall with a wad of cash. People are still losing their jobs at a record pace, because their companies are suffering and trying to remain solvent. 

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