Change Please!

Every once in a while you meet one of those people who needs help but can not seem to get out of their own way. I met one of those people yesterday. After analysing their current situation we discovered that what they were currently doing was not getting them the results that they wanted. Which is actually a simple and painless process. After discussing several options we recommended one that would help them meet their needs and put them on track to achieving the goals that they told me about. Done deal one would think, however that was not the case. I learned a long time ago that you can not force square pegs into round holes, so no amount of convincing was going to win them over.  However detrimental as it may seem, they were just happy with the status quo.

So what can I do? I know convincing them will not work, and I do not like to play that game anyway. I have uncovered the truth to their current situation and presented a suitable solution to solve it’s problem. I have been doing this long enough to know that there are just some people that you can not help regardless what you try to do.

Why, it’s because some people are afraid of change! What they don’t realize is that status quo is like sitting on the railway track and change is the locomotive. If you don’t move you are going to be run over. It’s coming whether you want it or not. Change is the one constant to life. Those who adapt quickly survive and thrive, the others just get left behind. What I want you to take from this is to be open minded and flexible in your approach to your goals, as there is more than one way to achieve your objectives. Specially if the one that you are currently doing is not getting your the results that you wanted in the first place.

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Pss- if you sand still for too long, you are going to get run over.