Fired or fired up!

This is not a pep talk, it’s a reality check. Look at your track record, are your results what you want them to be? If not you should either get fired or fired up. By this I mean act as if your were your own boss cause in reality no matter what you do or where you work you are! Think about this for a moment, you did not just wake up today and discover that you were 50 lbs over weight, 150K in debt and in a job that you hated. This was a long time coming and possibly you just realized that today is the day that you are going to do something about it. You have to realize that what you have been doing in the past was not working and should be “fired” and that you need to get “fired up” about a brand new approach. One that will produce for you the results that you want.

You are actually well on your way to your goal, you know what does not work and you are determined to do something about it. Congratulations on coming to this realization. Next make your plan, and work your plan and be flexible in your approach.

If you have read more than one article on this blog, you may be asking yourself why is a mortgage broker writing about personal development? Well it’s because if you stand still too long you end up getting run over. As well people who are high achievers are driven goal originated people who are believe in constant never ending improvement. I also believe that you are one of them or at the very least want to be one of them. I also commit to help you any way that I can to achieve your financial goals. I look forward to hearing from you.



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