Flexible Juggler

Yes as strange as that may sound, but in order to succeed in this day and age you need to be a “Flexible Juggler”. To put this another way, you need to be able to balance several tasks at the same time while maintaining flexibility in your approach to completing each task. Do you want to know who are good at this? Mom’s! Yes Mom’s, my wife is fantastic at this, I get the kids up, she makes them breakfast, referee’s any disputes that may be happening at the same time, motivates them to finish their breakfast, assembles outfits to get them dressed, gets them ready to get out the door, drop’s two off at school and one at day care and then tends to her 85 year old father, picks up the kids for their lunch then back to school, cleans up the house, plans supper, pick’s up the kids, more referee time, makes supper, tubby time for the kids, story time, then bed, plans her day for tomorrow, then starts it all over again. I am tired just thinking about it.

If you want something done, then give it to someone with a well managed busy schedule. This can also be said of the person who is in control of their finances. They know exactly what is coming in each month, what their expenses are, how much they can put away for a rainy day or retirement and how much fun money they have. Are you one of these people?  Or does your money run out before your month does? If you fall into the latter rather than the former, it may be time to re-evaluate your situation. What you are doing may be working now, but it is not a long term solution. Sort of like relying on shoe boxes for your filing systems.

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