Set,point,match & championship!

Ok I have to admit that I have watched a fair bit of the U.S Open tennis recently. I have noticed that the players who have done the best were the ones who were focused on small things and were less emotional about the result of a single game. We can learn a lot from watching these people. *Congrats to Kim and Caroline, it has been fun watching you.

What small things can you do consistently that will give you exponential returns over the long run? What that will depend on what your long term goal is, but below are a few examples:

If your goal is to improve your health or fitness: do you workouts ( consistently), function follows form (meaning focus on what you are doing and your strength will soon follow), feed your body with small frequent meals. If this means starting with push ups, sit ups and walking do that but do it consistently and build on it.

If you goal is to improve your sales: Prospect, prospect, prospect, then follow up with everyone, be a product of your products (know what you are selling inside and out), show people how much your care rather than how much you know. This means talk to your past clients, your referral sources, and your target market, even if you have to start with 5 minutes a day, then build on it.

If your goal is to improve your financial health: Brew your coffee instead of buying it, pack your lunch instead of buying it, pay cash instead of credit, pay your bills on time instead of 90 days late, put away 10% of your income for retirement, and if needed consult an expert to help you develop your own personal plan.

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