Obama knows a thing or two about timing!

By the time you are reading this Barack Obama may have already been sworn in as the next President of the United States. When he first announced his candidacy to run for the President of the United Stated on Feb 10, 2007, the odds were not in his favor. Many were predicting that another Clinton would receive the nomination for the Democratic Party. She was heavily favored to win, however Obama did things different. 

Many in politics advise candidates to focus on their message and to get it out to as many people as possible. Which is more important the message or the medium? They say that he was an ace at both. Their is no denying it that Obama is a brilliant orator, however what many do not realize is that he was particular adapt at getting his message out. Not everyone can attend live events, watch CNN, or follow the countless stories in the newspapers. In this day and age people have a constant urge to stay informed and want to do it in their own way. Barack Obama saw this and took advantage of the many social networks to get his message out to as many people as possible via facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and his own web site. People were able to stay informed on their smart phone on the go. You may be asking how this has anything to do with timing. Well it has everything to do with it; it helped him get his message out, by taking advantage of the latest social networking trends. He engaged more people, got them involved with the process, which gave him momentum to win the nomination and eventually the Presidency. 

You may also think that timing has nothing to do with the current state of your finances. Well nothing could be further from the truth. Think of it this way, would you rather have a 6.0% mortgage rate or 4.5%? The answer is simple; you would rather have the lower one. You probably assume that the higher rate is for people with less than perfect credit and that you could easily get the lower one. However, both were available as the discount rate for people with good credit over the last 24 months. The biggest difference is timing. You may also say that you will go out and get a loan only when you need it, well I am telling you that it may be too late.

You may not qualify for what you want if you wait for when you need it. Don’t wait until you are painted into a corner and you need a loan to help you out, because the only one available at that time may not be exactly what you want. There is no better time that now to look at restructuring your finances. It will put you in a better financial position in the long run, and allow you to weather out the uncertain financial times that we are currently facing. 

Feel free to contact my office so we may see if the timing is right for you.



p.s- This is by no means a reflection of my political views but rather an acknowledgement of his achievement.  


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