The Tragically Hip

30 Years in the making

Just like sometimes people choose to take 30 years to pay off their mortgage. Good things take time. Growing up takes time. Personal development takes time. Getting fit takes time. Growing your nest egg takes time. Just like building a life takes time.

I found out yesterday that our beloved Tragically Hip, yes almost 4 years after loosing lead singer Gord Downie to cancer, have just announced the release today of 6 previously unreleased tracks. They had planned to make Road Apples a double album but now thankfully that didn’t happen. The new album is called Welcome to Saskadelphia, and I have already listened to it when I got up at 6 today. This was also 30 years in the making, further proving the point that good things take time.

Today I am thankful I have been able to hear new tunes from one of my favourites bands, good music no matter when it was originally recorded or released is timeless and the tears of joy at hearing Gord’s voice again.

“I had my hands in the river and my feet back up on the banks I looked up at the lord above and said hey man thanks” The Hip

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