Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is that place were you feel safe, like nothing will ever hurt you. However if you never push to grow and expand your comfort zone it can also be a prison. It’s so easy to get use to doing what you have always done, but you will get what you have always gotten. There are no raises, promotions or sales awards for those who strive to stay in their comfort zone.

Your true growth and in fact your real life lies just outside your current comfort zone. You haven’t always stuck in that comfort zone, as a child you were always trying new things. Learning to crawl then to walk was a push past your comfort zone. The same as riding a bike for a first time and learning to swim. Then in school you learned to read and write.

However now that you are an adult, what changed. Why are you not pushing yourself to learn and do new things. Just because you failed at something the first time does not make you a failure. Learn from your previous mistakes and start again and again if you have to till you get it right.

Years ago when people would put in an offer to purchase a property there was a good chance that they would get it. Now with the current low inventory of homes on the market buyers are having to place offer after offer in order to become the winning bidder. The same thing applies here, learn what didn’t work the first time and seek to correct it with each additional offer.

“The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.” Dan Stevens

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